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Optimal Care is a subjective concept. It depends on the belief, mindset, and priorities of individuals, as well as whether they treasure the health and lives of themselves and their loved ones. We hope that every patient who walks into our clinic wants the best life possible for himself/herself and his or her friends and family. Best life needs best health.

In today’s competitive and stressful world, careers, material goods and possessions often take priority over care for our own body, mind, and emotional needs. Over time, the emotions and stresses become the CAUSE(S) that create EFFECT(S) in our bodies, minds and emotional well-being.  We suffer from all sorts of ailments, diseases, imbalances, health conditions, pain, tumours and more. Some realise the negative impact early and take timely interventions – be it through non-drug, non-invasive treatments like chiropractic care, natural therapies, herbal treatments or via drugs/medicine or invasive treatments, which many are familiar with. Some ignore the warning signals and are ‘gripped or crippled’ with pain and misery for life. Some of my patients with persistent pain and conditions shared that their healthcare professionals advised them that they had ‘no problems’, or that they should see a psychologist for ‘imagining the pain’, or to go for surgery. If you really need a surgery for a life-threatening issue, go for it; if not, you may wish to opt for alternative natural, non-drug and non-invasive treatments.

If you are one of those who have been neglecting your body and letting it accumulate unwanted stress, conditions, chronic ailments, and pain for so many years, it is a wake-up call to take action right now, before it is too late. Many of my patients come to me with conditions that have existed for many years, often suppressing the effects through many years of taking drugs without curing the effects or eliminating the causes. Moreover, when they visit me, some expect instant miracle cures. I told them politely “I am not God but will do my best to get you gain your health.”

At Dr Chiro, our philosophy of health care is simple. We want those who visit us to understand the connectivity and relationship within the body system, and how the nerves in each part of the body and entire nervous system connect to the brain via the spine. Through tracing the history of the conditions or injuries, doing body scans (via body scanner), using a proprietary US-originated Zone Technique, and/or X-rays/MRIs for serious cases, we establish the ‘causes and source’ of the conditions, ailments and pain.

Let us not ‘abuse’ our own body and health. Let us help you achieve optimal health as soon as possible. Let us consider these important factors to ensure successful turnaround:


  1. You consider your/loved ones/family’s health as your top priority worthy of your investment – above personal time, work schedule, careers, and other distractions of life.
  2. You want long-term, permanent solutions to restore your/your loved ones/family health.
  3. You are willing to learn and understand the cause(s) of the pain or problem, and feel confident, knowing the chiropractic doctor will study and recommended the optimal care solution for your condition(s).
  4. You want to live long and healthy lives, knowing that the full functioning of your body is essential for wellbeing throughout your life. We have patients considering suicide due to ‘functional disability’ or extreme prolonged pain.
  5. You are willing to commit to and invest in your health financially, especially if your problems have been with you for a long time. There is no magic cure without commitment

It is not easy for everyone to believe in the success and value of chiropractic care. I have few patients/clients who questioned the efficacy of chiropractic treatments vis-a-vis other mainstream treatments. Fortunately, the majority of my patients/clients have tried other solutions to treat their health problems without success and decided to turn to chiropractic care.

We have solved the health problems of many clients, who turned from sceptics to our valued advocates. One of them is 70-year-old ‘Grandma Fu Ling’ (name changed to protect her identity). She has been suffering from back pain for two decades and is on long-term painkiller to suppress the unbearable pain. In the first three sessions, she felt that the pain got worse.  We explained that it was because her body was adjusting to the treatments through the process of retracing, and re-training its innate ability to heal itself and assured that she would get better after a few sessions. After six months of almost weekly treatments, her pain is completely gone. Nowadays, she only come for maintenance care every now and then. She told me that she had never felt so happy in her life in so many years. Grandma Fu Ling is an initial sceptic-turned-believer in chiropractic and have referred many other individuals to us.

We are NOT just service providers.  We are long-term wellness coaches, health educators, optimistic encouragers, accountability partners, and health hope givers! We are NOT an alternative to Pain. We are Nervous System Specialist focusing on the Brain, Spine and Nervous System to help people take their health and life back. We are committed to practising Chiropractic as the big picture of optimal health, transforming your health from inside out!


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