Can Chiropractic ‘Cure’ My Ailments and Pain?

“Chiropractic emphasize the fact that when the patient’s state of the organism undergoes a departure from the ideally-well state, it is most likely due to an aberration in the internal dynamic — not an external factor. The goal is to restore resistance before a serious disease can develop.” Essential Principles of Chiropractic, Dr. Virgil Strang, D.C., Ph.C..

Can Chiropractors ‘Cure’ Ailments and Pain?

We do not. We simply remove the interference(s) in the nervous system that prevent(s) your body from functioning optimally. Sometimes, interferences in the nervous system impede that healing and functioning process, causing stuck patterns and a process of dis–ease.

Dis–ease is a cumulative process. It worsens overtime. When dis–ease happens long enough, the symptoms of the subsequent stuck patterns will become a ‘disease’, labelled by the characteristics of that disease.

The removal of dis–ease or healing is also a process. It is not a one-off event. When the healing process has reduced dis–ease to the point that the symptoms defining a ‘disease’ are no longer present for a period, we call it a ‘cure’.

The word ‘cure’ is event-oriented and misleading. Worse still, many individuals expect miracles and instant result(s) when their condition(s) had been built up over many years or their lifetime.

The symptom-oriented and event-oriented language of ‘disease’ and ‘cure’ obfuscate the fact that we are dealing with an intelligent nervous system that is always in a process of attempting to adapt and self-heal.

How Chiropractic Helps

There are many medical, surgical and non-invasive modalities to deal with ailments, pain and diseases.  These could be due to physical, mental, emotional, environmental and chemical factors.

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and non-drug alternative to alleviate your health ailments, pain and symptoms. If the conditions are prolonged and serious, X-rays and MRIs are required for analysis and recommendations of adjustment procedures and/or care plan. Some conditions may require medical or surgical interventions.

Typical Chiropractic adjustment techniques and interventions include:

– Identifying the underlying cause(s) that resulted in the conditions using the Zone Technique. This technique identifies which system(s) of the body (glandular, elimination, nerves, digestive, musculoskeletal and circulatory) have interference(s) with the nervous system. Essentially, this means that we try to remove the interference to the nervous system so that the brain can communicate with the spine and adjacent structures, organs and functions in the body, and vice versa, in a closed loop.

– Adjusting the spine, hips, upper and lower limbs, cranium, upper neck, etc using manual adjustments, instrument adjustments to help eliminate the cause(s).

– Using complementary Nutritional Assessment and Advisory, Traction, Orthotics and Exercise Management and Health/Well-Being Management.

After Chiropractic adjustments and other necessary interventions, the body will be in a more favorable state to deal with the symptoms. With that, the body will be able to tackle the symptoms and heal itself from the inside out.

Health Is a Choice

Yes, Chiropractic and complementary practices can help you achieve optimal health and remove the interferences in your nervous system that caused the pain, numbness and symptoms. There is no magic formula or cookie-cutter approach to good health, if you continue to ‘harm’ your body and your nervous system. Prevention is always better than cure!  Making the right choice and being consistent in your healthcare interventions is your best strategy to achieve optimal health.


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