Dietary Tips to Reduce Pain and Inflammation and Complement Chiropractic Visits

Inflammation is a major component in most pain conditions, such as rheumatic pain conditions or rheumatic diseases. It is advisable to eat a good amount of right food that reduces inflammation and to reduce the consumption of those that contains inflammatory agents.

We offer you some simple dietary advice that will help reduce rheumatic conditions, and help you live well.


Things You Should Eat to Reduce Pain and Rheumatic Pain

Fish, especially fatty fish, fish oil, olive oil, walnut oil and rapeseed oil should form part of your main diet. The fat in these types of food, especially Omega-3-poly-unsaturated fat, reduces inflammation. If you add these oils to your diet, you should reduce the intake of other types of fat, so that you do not get too much fat into your system. You should also eat more vegetables, as these contribute to your overall body chemistry that helps to reduce inflammation.

Omega 3 is essential for human health. Dieticians no longer recommend eating fresh fish to get your Omega 3 dose. The mercury levels that are prevalent in almost all fresh fish these days can be very detrimental to your health. Hence, many pharma companies have manufactured fish oils that are mercury free by processing the oils that naturally occur in the fish.

Omega 3 contains two fatty acids that benefit the human body greatly, known as DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid). As your body can only make a small amount of DHA from other fatty acids, you need to consume it directly from food (oily fish like salmon and anchovies) or supplements.

DHA and EPA can help prevent heart diseases, cancer, and many other diseases. DHA is also required by the human brain. Low levels of DHA in the brain can cause depression, schizophrenia, memory loss, and an increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Regular consumption of Omega 3 fish oils can greatly help affect the quality of your life for the better. Just like Chiropractic, which optimises human potential and your quality of life, Omega 3 does the same.

Things You Should Not Eat Too Much of

Do not consume corn, soy, sunflower and vegetable oils, which are relatively cheaper oils, as these can increase inflammation. Most ready-to-eat food that you buy from factories, eateries or restaurants contain these types of fat. You should therefore reduce the consumption of food you do not cook yourself. Be your own chef to be well!

Bread, cereals and products made of corn or cereals also increase the inflammatory response, especially if they contain wheat. Wheat causes a special type of inflammation in the intestines called celiac disease in some individuals, but may also trigger inflammation of non-celiac type. Full-corn cereals and full-corn bread, however, can be valuable types of food: so, you should not stop eating them altogether. If you like to eat bread or corn products at every meal, you should reduce your intake of these and eat more potatoes, beans and peas, to balance your diet.

Things You Should Ideally Not Eat At All

You should not consume ‘chemically-altered’ fats that give it consistency for food production. These fats have very negative effects on your health, and may be very potent inflammatory agents. Margarine, popcorn, snacks, fast food and ready-made cakes or cookies often contain such fat. Unfortunately, the humble bread is often not a healthy staple. A good idea is to bake your bread!

Proper Nutrition with Chiropractic Adjustments, as well as exercising regularly, can be a big help to improve the quality of your life, to fit the holistic health paradigm.

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