Harmless Daily Routines Could Escalate to Serious Health Problems


How Injury Starts & Grows Into Diseases


You injure your STOMACH when you do not have breakfast in the morning.

The stomach is the ‘Mouthpiece’ of one’s health. In fact, all diseases start from the stomach. Proper digestion and good gut will help establish a good connection with the brain. In turn, the brain affects the nervous system and the spine, which is the origin of many diseases.  

Spleen /Pancreas

You injure your SPLEEN/PANCREAS when you eat sweet things because they taste ‘good’ and are freely available.

The Spleen/Pancreas is the ‘Gateway’ to absorbing external solar energies (Vitamin D from sun), and helping your digestion and growth. Like the stomach, it is the key controller of your growth and nerves. 

Large Intestines

You injure your LARGE INTESTINES when you eat more fried and spicy food.

Your large intestines are your ‘Waste System’. They give harmony and rhythm in your system, or the reverse. You need proper functioning intestines to ensure that your body can eliminate wastes from your system.


You injure your LUNGS when you breathe in smoke and stay in polluted or smoke-filled environments.

Lungs represent the ‘Airflow System’ in your body. Air is the foundation of energy circulation within the body. It helps overall mental and physical needs – for the head, the brain and the nervous system. That is why we take a deep breath, or breathe in-breathe out when troubled.  


You injure your GALLBLADDR when you do not sleep by 11 pm-12 midnight and do not wake up until sunrise.

The gallbladder is the ‘Traffic Controller’ of our mental attitudes and stress. It helps give clarity to the ‘why and what’ you do or decide.


You injure your LIVER when you eat heavily fried, junk and fast food.

The liver is the ‘Plastic Surgeon’, helping your nourishment, eyes, nails, ligaments and tendons. Having balanced and healthy food and nutrition will help your liver.


You injure your BLADDER when you do not drink adequate water and eliminate urinary waste from your system.

The bladder is your ‘Toilet Flushing System’. The bladder removes wastes and ‘negative thoughts’. Everything has its origin in thoughts. Many health issues are due to fears and doubts.


You injure your KIDNEYS when you do not drink 8-10 glasses of water in 24 hours.

The kidney is your ‘Life Sustaining Force’, the epicentre of life’s development and reproduction. Fear of inadequacies or limitations will affect your kidneys.

Small Intestine

You injure your SMALL INTESTINE when you eat cold and stale food and drinks.

The small intestine is the ‘Root System’ of the body constitution. It helps in deep assimilation of thought, food and nutrients to feed the cells in the body.


You injure your HEART when you eat your meals with more salt than needed and cholesterol-rich food.

The Heart is the ‘Pumping Station’ of the body. It manifests problems within your body. Usually, other organs not doing its work well will burden the heart, even though the heart is the strongest and ‘most perfect’ organ in the body.


You injure your EYES when you work under the blue light of your mobile phone, electronic devices and computer screen in the dark.

Your eyes are your ‘Windows to Your Soul’. The eyes reflect the mental-emotional-physical state of your mind and body.


You injure your BRAIN when you start thinking negative thoughts about yourself, your job, your life, others and everything.

Your brain is the ‘Engine’ powering your entire nervous system and body functions. Disharmony causes problems in the spine, which forms the main central system affecting all physical and muscular functions.


You injure your SOUL when you do not have family and friends to care for and share with you the affection, laughter, peace, sorrow and joy, to make you whole.

Your soul is your ‘Moral or Spiritual Centre’. It is an embodiment of your emotional and intellectual energy, which is an integral and vital core of a human being.

The Nervous System Controls Everything in Your Body

Our organs and entire body ecosystem must function well to achieve good health and happiness. Not all body parts and organs are replaceable and available in the market.

Chiropractic is about the Nervous System, the Brain, the Spine, and all the Nerves that enter every cell, every organ, and every function in your body. Your Nervous System controls and gives life to all cells in your body. When you take care of your health through regular chiropractic analyses and adjustments, you can eliminate interferences in the nervous system. By doing so, your entire body can function healthily from inside out, naturally. You will live life effortlessly like a ‘dance’ instead of a ‘drill’. So take good care of yourself, loved ones, and keep your body parts healthy. Be adjusted and feel the difference.

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