Removing Blockages in Your Healing Journey – Part 2 (Materials, Devices & Electromagnetic Fields)

When you have completed your chiropractic and health treatment protocols, it is beneficial to continue with the following suggestions on items, food, gadgets and electrical devices to avoid. This will help you achieve optimal longevity, good health and habits to prevent further medical issues.


Harmful Materials


Wearing or having the following metallic items on your body can impair or void the effectiveness of proper health recovery protocols:


•   Any metallic objects, including jewelry, necklaces, rings, etc

•  All under-wire brassieres (bras have negative effects due to synthetics and pressure, but some have proven to be much worse than others

Having the items above within few centimeters of your skin will impair the nervous system and nerve flow, and significantly hinder the effectiveness of health treatments and home-care programmes, including chiropractic care and exercise.


Water and Vitamin Intakes





Electrical & Electromagnetic Waves





The above topics are available for further discussions and learning in special seminars. You may contact Dr. Chiro Clinic for special information and help.


Why It Matters


Chiropractic can help you achieve good health and well-being by keeping your physical, mental, social and emotional health in balance. This is because each of these health aspects interacts with and affects each other, with the spine as the source and connector for the fountain of health. Our state of health, good or bad, emanates from all the cells in our body, which, in turn, connects to our nervous system. Moreover, the nerves and nervous system are all located within or linked to our spinal system. Materials, Devices & Electromagnetic Fields can affect your spinal health. If your spinal health is off, it will affect your nervous system, your brain, your health – physically, emotionally and mentally. Ultimately, your healing, wellness and well-being are impacted. With better spinal health, your body is also able to withstand more optimally the negative effects of various materials, devices, and electromagnetic fields.




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