Nicholas Chan

Dr Nicholas Lim’s Chiropractic treatment has not only healed my lower back injury which has plagued me for more than 12 years, but caused me to wake up more easily in the mornings. I no longer snooze my alarm, and would be wide awake whenever the alarm rings. This has never happened before. I have seen a few Chiropractors over the years, but their treatment has not been effective nor beneficial. After seeing him, I have started to believe in the benefits of Chiropractic treatment and it is not placebo, especially since traditional chinese or modern medicine has failed to heal me, especially for a scientific person like me.

Dr Lim does not make me sign packages, yet I choose to see him over and over again. His friendly personality and personable demeanor is an added bonus which makes treatment enjoyable, yet professional. He deserves a 5 star rating and I am definitely recommending him to all my friends to seek his chiropractic treatment.

This is not a biased review. The only con of chiropractic treatment is that it requires regular treatment for me to be fully healed, but that is the same for any treatment, especially for an athlete like myself who puts himself through the rigors of athletic training and physical contact especially at the age of 31 and still playing competitive sports.