Thoughts, Traumas and Toxins – Three Terrible ‘Ts’

Three things can cause dysfunctions in the nervous system and dis—eases. Dysfunctions in the nervous system can misalign your spine, cause interference in the communication link between your brain and spine and devastate the entire nervous system.

How do these Three Terrible ‘Ts’ work against your body, your health and your well-being?

  • Thoughts
  • Traumas
  • Toxins

Thoughts cause emotional dysfunctions, which influence the brain and ultimately affect the nervous system. The brain produces a whole range of chemicals that affect the body, changing things on a molecular level, which can result in dis–ease.

Thoughts include the emotion of worry, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, grief and effort, which you feel in everyday life and often ignored or taken lightly. These emotions cause imbalances in the body and, over time, result in negative effects like pain, numbness, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, elimination problems, blood and circulatory imbalances,  insomnia, cysts, growths, nervous system imbalances etc. To be in good health, we need to be happy and be free from ‘emotions’!

Traumas cause ‘mechanical’ dysfunctions, leading to changes at the molecular level, which can also result in dis–ease. Physical traumas like falls, accidents, shocks, whiplash and poor ergonomics can result in posture abnormalities, which, in turn, affect the body and spine. Emotional traumas can also affect the nervous system negatively. It is like a chain of cascading effects that triggers a chain reaction within the ‘sub systems’ of the entire body system. Think of the conventional power grid system. When power lines are overloaded, a line trip will cause other or all lines to trip, too.

Toxins cause physical dysfunctions that can affect the nervous system. Toxins we absorb, inhale or ingest can enter the body and produce changes on a molecular level, resulting in dis–ease. Toxins can be from the environment, our food, water/drinks, pollution, ‘chemicals/drugs’, ‘WiFi pollution’ and too much radiation from electronic gadgets etc.

By getting adjusted regularly and thinking happy thoughts, reducing stress levels, eating ‘clean’ and with proper nutrition, walking properly to avoid falls, and getting some fresh air through daily walks will keep your nervous system in check.

It is your choice to live healthily and happily so that you can express your full potential in life optimally. It is a choice you will never regret!

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