Removing Obstacles in Your Healing Journey – Part 1 (Emotional and Dietary Factors)

Hard-to-treat’ health labels like cancers are becoming increasingly common. Among your circle of family and friends, you are likely to know of people who are suffering from cancer or other serious health conditions, and undergoing treatments.

Emotion is the Main Culprit of Health Labels

Cancer or hard-to-treat labels are diseases that occur when we have not maintained our entire nervous system and physical body properly. The mind is under stress, the nervous system is out of alignment, and the body is ‘contaminated’ physically, through emotions, poor dietary habits, lifestyle and ‘exposure’ incidents. Therefore, it is vital to treat the CAUSE (lifestyle) rather than focusing on the EFFECT (cancer or hard to treat labels/conditions). Our emotional life is a lifestyle as well. Toxic emotions can literally create toxic chemicals in our body and make us vulnerable to numerous diseases. The priority is to deal with emotional and mental stress in the past and present properly and effectively. Emotionally, all cancers start from the stomach and is linked to the emotions of grief and sadness.

To paraphrase: As a man/woman thinks in his/her heart and feels (emotions), so he/she will be…What do you think about most of the time and what are your perspectives of those thoughts? How do you feel (emotionally) most of the time? Thoughts and feelings are always a choice. Deep SADNESS and GRIEF can create cancer or other serious diseases. Moreover, FEAR is cancer’s best friend and our enemy.

Useful Tips to Better Recovery

Besides your treatment protocols, there are equally important protocols vital for proper recovery, like what you eat, drink and think, and how you act and live, as well as prioritisation of life–enhancing activities, aa well as materials and things to avoid. In this article, we will focus on the diet and lifestyle, while the next article will focus on harmful materials, things and devices to avoid.

In today’s high social media influences and competitive F&B industry, highly processed, fried and crispy food, or sauce- and preservative-laden food are very popular. Instant gratification is often more important than long-term health. Here are some dietary tips for those recovering from serious health labels.   


  • NO fried foods, grease or heated oils (NO heated oils whatsoever, no matter the type of oil)
  • NO dairy (cow) products: milk, cheese, ..

Ø NO cold beverages and cold food… Only room temperature or above

  • NO eating within 4 hours of bedtime (average); try to eat within the same 8–9 hour interval period each day, except in a weakened state of health
  • NO SALT or any Sodium resources: it essentially feeds cancer cells, causes inflammation and raises This is vital for proper cancer recovery
  • NO processed, artificial and natural SUGARS, including fruits (except from plant Stevia and FOS). SUGAR feeds cancer cells
  • NO black pepper
  • NO caffeine or decaffeinated drinks
  • NO carbonated drinks/liquids
  • NO canned and processed food; eat only fresh, frozen or dried Ideal is to have ratio of 80% raw vegetables and 20% cooked food intake
  • NO food preservatives and MSG
  • NO high starches in diet (most cancers are fungal base and starch feeds fungus) Fungus must GO!
  • NO Microwaved food, not even water – absolutely nothing!
  • NO or limit MEAT intake, especially red meat; eliminate or minimise all animal source products
  • NO soy products, unless you are of pure Asian origin
  • NO or minimal gluten intake: wheat, barley and rye
  • NO Tuna


  • Maintain proper pH balance (Urine and Blood)
  • Drink 3–4 litres of clean water per day (find out about truly clean water)
  • Cook and bathe in filtered/clean water
  • Maintain 2 or more healthy bowel movements each day
  • Test all substances consumed for any level of allergy reactions, which cause inflammation and help cancer growth
  • Maintain 8–9 hours of actual sleep per night
  • Maintain active lifestyle with exercise routine
  • Take supplements to boost immunity and recovery. Avoid changing brands and dosage without good reasons…
  • Seek Chiropractic Adjustments (Zone Technique) to balance the nervous system

In order to receive the full benefits of your recovery protocol, it is beneficial to consider complementary treatments and protocol like chiropractic, homeopathic and other health recovery programmes. The root cause of all diseases start from the nervous system, which is the Master System of your body, controlling your networks of nerves, your brain and the cells in your body.  You may contact the Dr. Chiro Clinic for special information and help.


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